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Online Safety

As a school, we are committed to providing Online Safety information to help parents manage their children's online activities and give up to date information about developments that are relevant to Primary aged children.

In this section of the website, you will find a variety of articles and documents that will help you keep on top of the ever-changing landscape of the internet.

Click here for a factsheet on helplines families can access.

Click here for 10 tips to keep your child safe online.

Barnardo`s provide some very good advice and information for families on how to keep your child safe online:

The UK Safer Internet Centre offer  resources to support families:


 Apps and Age Limits

After discussing with each class, the types of apps and games children played at home, we have compiled a list with more information on age limits. This list is a mixture of all the ages. Many of the children were playing and accessing content totally suitable for their age group, but it was clear to see in older classes that there was more Social Media and older rated games being accessed and played.

We will add to and update this list as needed. We hope it helps.

Click here to view the document

Click here for a comprehensive poster to explain age ratings from National Online Safety.

This is a great website that explores lots of Online Safety information and advice and helpfully organises much of it by age group. - here you can explore different age group advice.

 Age Guidance Documents from Internet Matters

Attached are some really useful documents that help make sense of Online Safety Safety Tips for Parents, separated by age groups. They may provide a useful basis for structuring online time and activities for your children, particular with the new emphasis on online platforms for learning. There's also a document with some great tips and guidance on children using social media platforms.

Internet Matters Parent Age Guide 0-5 - click here

Internet Matters Parent Age Guide 6-10 - click here

Internet Matters Parent Age Guide 11-13 - click here

Social Media Guide - click here

Factsheets for Parents and Families

Click on the links below to access useful factsheets for families about:





Kids Youtube


Click here for a poster explaining what parents need to know about how to combat online bullying

Click here for a poster which provides tips for parents for encouraging open conversations about digital lives

For guidance and support on managing inappropriate or harmful content that children might see when on the internet,  please see: